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The Subways Talk About Album Three

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 April 2010 at 15.15

The Subways bassist Charlotte Cooper tells Rock Sound about progress on new material.

The Subways are hard at work writing album three but bassist Charlotte Cooper has told Rock Sound how much the band miss playing live:

"We love being on tour, it's the best bit of being in a band," she admitted recently. "It's exciting to be working on new songs but we are writing them thinking about how they will translate on tour."

The trio had written 25 songs to follow up 2008's 'All Or Nothing' but recently scrapped them all and restarted work on the album completely.

"We decided none of the songs were good enough," Cooper continues laughing. "We've now got seven new songs that we are really excited about and we're going to write through Summer and hopefully be ready to go into the studio after our Festival appearances."

How does the new material sound? According to the bassist it is as hook heavy as ever.

"It's always been important for us to have a chorus you can sing-along with so we're just trying to focus on that. I think that the songs are a mix of our first two albums taking the pop elements of the first albums and the rock sound of the second, I think fans will love the new songs."

The Subways play Hevy Festival in August.

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