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The Release Date For PVRIS’ New Album ‘Use Me’ Has Been Rescheduled

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 July 2020 at 09.36

"Self-promotion can wait for now"

PVRIS' new album 'Use Me' was scheduled for release on July 10. Now that date has been pushed back to August 28. 

In a statement to fans, the band has revealed that they "do not want take up space promoting "USE ME" at this moment in time".

You can read the full message below:

"I do not want to take up space in promoting “USE ME” at this moment in time, therefore will be pushing the album release back until AUGUST 28th.

Self-promotion can wait for now and I want to make room and hold space for the conversation and message of the Black Lives Matter movement to continue.

As a way for the PVRIS community to give back in the meantime, we are in the process of setting up a charity auction and other activating events for us to come together, use our collective power for good and to give back.

More details to come soon. Hope you can understand and respect this decision."


To find out more about the Black Lives Matter movement click HERE

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