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The Plot In You Have Dropped A New Video

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 February 2018 at 12.05

'I Always Wanted To Leave'.

The Plot In You
have released a video for their song 'I Always Wanted To Leave'.

Aside from being a beautiful slowburning epic, the video takes a poignant look inside the workings of relationships.

Check it out below:

The track is taken from the band's new album 'Dispose' which is released tomorrow (February 16) via Fearless Records.

Here's the brilliant 'Disposable Fix':

We recently spoke to vocalist Landon Tewers all about the album's creation and its themes:

“This record was a lot different from a lot of our previous ones. Our past records were kind of me reflecting on the past and taking that and turning it in to a journal of thoughts and emotions. This record was very much what I was feeling in the moment. I was going through a really bad relationship situation and everything that I was writing about was very fresh in my mind. I was in the studio while everything at home was kind of falling apart. I think that’s why it’s the most relatable, I guess. I wasn’t just grabbing for things like in the past, it was all happening in the moment.

“It was a painful part of my life, but looking back I’m very thankful that I was able to go through that and that I was able to document it. It’s something that people can latch onto a little bit more than our previous records. Our previous records were more about violence and drugs and things that only a very specific audience could relate to. I think pretty much anyone can relate to relationship problems.”

“I wrote about 20 songs for the record in total and when we went in to record we had six very heavy songs. We pretty much decided while we were in the studio that we don’t care if there’s a single heavy song as long as it’s a cohesive tool and one that speaks its message clearly.

“It’s funny to see a few kids say that we’re selling out because we’ve pretty much dropped the heavy side. For me, I think we would have sold out had we put a heavy song on ‘Dispose’. None of us listen to heavy music anymore. We’ve grown up. I’m not saying that it’s immature, but it’s just how we have evolved as musicians. We’re not angry 20 year old guys anymore. I’m not going to scream about something unless I have something to scream about.

“We wanted to take a different approach and make sure that it was an honest record and there were no songs there just for the sake of appeasing a certain audience. So it ended up being rock songs, slow songs and weird songs.

“Drew (Fulk, producer) challenged us to explore our sound, especially with my voice and my lyrical content. He was able to guide us and give us good advice. When it comes to me with lyrics I tend to be a little too vulgar and he kept me grounded. Taking a different approach means that people can understand me a bit more. Drew had a lot of really unique ideas. He used to work with really heavy bands, so we’re the first band to come in - maybe in his whole career - who didn’t want heavy stuff on their record. He was able to have fun and go crazy with production and stuff.”

Check out the full interview HERE.

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