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The Offspring’s ‘Smash’ Inducted Into Rock Sound’s Hall Of Fame

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 16 September 2010 at 17.31

The legendary record's importance can't be overstated - it introduced a generation of suburban kids to punk rock and made one Frank Turner feel like he could take on the world

Ask anyone over the age of 20 with even the slightest interest in modern punk rock what their first favourite album was and, if they're being honest, they'll say 'Smash' by The Offspring.

On a purely musical level it set a template which was often copied but never bettered - coming out in 1994 alongside Green Day's 'Dookie' and Weezer's Blue album it certainly had competition - and still sounds fresh today. The fact it was released on an indie label meant the album was worth more than its weight in royalties, as the proceeds not only allowed Epitaph Records to become a global player but inspired legions of fans to delve deeper into punk music.

In the new issue of Rock Sound, onsale now, Dexter Holland talks about how the band had no idea of the importance of what they were writing.

"I don't understand [why, but] it's great that the songs have managed to stay relevant. I guess they're just rock 'n' roll... it's guitar and drums, so it maybe doesn't feel dated the way keyboards and things that are more fad-related are. We were probably trying to be complicated and that's the best we could muster up! I mean, we knew it wasn't classical music..."

For Frank Turner, the album was like a thunderbolt: “‘Smash’ was the record that taught me and all my friends what the word ‘punk’ meant – it was faster and spikier than anything I’d ever listened to before, and through being on Epitaph it opened the door to a whole new world of excitement. I remember going to house parties and suddenly everyone was playing ‘Self Esteem’ on the stereo and singing along. I remember arriving at Reading Festival one year with, ‘I’m not a trendy asshole!’ [‘Smash’] bellowing out of the boom box my friend was carrying and feeling like we were going to take on the world. Touring with them last summer was an honour, and I’m pleased to say that they were really nice people to boot.”

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