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The New Black Veil Brides Album Is Set To Be A “Big Opus Concept Record” According To Andy Biersack

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Rock Sound 16 April 2020 at 15.03

"There is a huge excitement in the band" - Andy Biersack

Back in December last year Black Veil Brides dropped a two track EP called 'The Night', featuring 'Saints Of The Blood' and 'The Vengence'. The plan was to drop more of those "duology" style releases as they move forwards. 

Well it appears that inspiration has struck and plans have changed, as voclaist Andy Biersack told us in our recent Video Call with him.

"We planned to do the duologys and then I wrote a big opus concept record. I just sat at our kitchen table one night and I went ‘Oh I have an idea that will be a 'Wretched And Divine' style concept record’. So we’re about four songs into that now. I believe that there will be space to release two song increments from now to then, but right now I’m so invested on a creative level into this new concept that we have. Designing character elements and costumes and all that stuff, it feels to me like I haven’t had this level of inspiration on anything we have done since ‘Wretched And Divine’. I’m really excited to see where this goes.

"Everybody says it where they go ‘We’ve never been happier’ but there is a huge excitement in the band. For people who have been around us and seen our interviews lately or saw us in Mexico, we’ve never had more fun on stage or enjoyed ourselves more. We’re just having so much fun."

WELL THEN. Looks like something ambitious is coming. 

You can catch up with the whole interview right here:

And here's 'Saints Of The Blood':

And 'The Vengence':

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