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The Maine: “Thank You For Shaping Us, Thank You For Caring, And Thank You For Being You”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 1 February 2018 at 11.49

This is beautiful.

The Maine have shared an emotional statement about their journey to date, and their relationship with their fans.

It's a really moving read, so we suggest playing this in the background...

... for the full effect.

Here it is:

"It’s very easy in life to get caught up in gauging your success on 'how much bigger you are than that band' or held back by 'not being as big as that band', and 'did you see what tour that band got?'"

"That’s why for us, we use a different metric and a different filter to gauge our decision making, our success, and our happiness."

"Every tour, every merch item, every piece of content, and every decision we make is with you and only you in mind."

"How would you feel about it? How excited would they be? Is this a fair price? How can we make it better for them? How can we make it different than the last time?"

"When you imagine the person that means the most to your career, you don’t need any other guiding markers. Of course, we have missed the mark on certain ideas or have failed in executing things the way we intended for you. From those experiences and mistakes, we have grown."

"But the most rewarding feeling for us is coming up with an idea that you may not have liked at first but we knew you would love it and by the time you left our show, hopefully you did."

"You have allowed us to take these risks, to create new memories, and you have allowed for this to grow to a point where we can continue doing it for as long as it feels right. From our first show at The Real Bar in Phoenix, AZ to this day, we have met so many amazing humans."

"We have seen you grow alongside us from kids to growing adults. It’s been an honor to grow with you and we look forward to writing another letter to you down the road as soon as we create more memories together."

"Thank you for shaping us, thank you for caring, and thank you for being you. Love, The Maine"

Good bands being good people is the best.

Talking of The Maine being lovely people, they recently sent soup to a sick fan who tweeted them.

Oh, and flowers, coffee, and Warped Tour tickets to other fans. You can read about it here

Nice one, guys.

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