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The Maine Have Released An Orchestral Arrangement Of Their Album ‘You Are OK’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 April 2020 at 09.51

Quite possibly the most beautiful thing you will hear all year.

Last year The Maine released their seventh album 'You Are OK'. It's brilliant. So brilliant that it was the awarded Album Of The Year at the Rock Sound Awards 2019.

One of the most endearing elements of the record was the little glimmers of string arrangement that were pattered throughout, taking the band's songwriting to a completely different level of complexity and beauty. 

Well now we have a version of the record called 'You Are Composed', featuring a full orchestral arrangement of each and every song. 

Put together by Grammy nominated composer Andrew Joselyn, it's a gorgeous, stirring and incredibly rousing listen inspired by a collection of songs that still seem to offer something new every time you listen to them. 

Lose yourself in 'You Are Composed' here:


You can still pick up the special copy of Rock Sound with The Maine on the cover to celebrate their Album Of The Year win at the Rock Sound Awards:


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