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The King Blues’ Itch: “Are We Going To Kill Each Other? I Don’t Know. Maybe!”

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 19 February 2016 at 13.49


The King Blues are back, and frontman Itch takes us through the year's most unlikely comeback in this month's Rock Sound magazine.

Here's a taste of the band's feature...

“It got to the point where it was messy,” Itch nods solemnly. “None of us dealt with the band ending well. I certainly didn’t. We’re very volatile people. I love those guys dearly and they love me dearly. Now we’re back and going out on our first tour together for a long time soon. Are we going to kill each other? I don’t know. Maybe!”

When the Camden Town punks first split in 2012, far from the comforts of home on tour in America, they did so in the most explosive, public way imaginable. For a band who had always found their lyrical footprints in discussions about political and personal morality, rumours flew that the source of intra-band friction was a very close to home betrayal between guitarist Jamie Jazz and Itch. That volatility Itch speaks of boiled out of control and the two core members of this genuinely unique musical proposition, by their own sad admission “lost all respect for one another.”

And yet today, Rock Sound is talking to Itch about a remarkable reunion… although admittedly Jamie isn’t here to speak for himself. So the most obvious question for The King Blues in 2016 is, have the two bandmates really buried the hatchet?

“Right now, we’re getting on great!” grins Itch, revealing a charming smile accentuated with one shining gold tooth.

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