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Kevin Lyman On The Ghost Inside: “I Always Hold Open A Spot For Them On The [Warped] Line-Up”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 28 February 2019 at 10.29

Cross them off your wish-list, they won't be on the 2019 line-up.

The highly anticipated line-up for the 25th anniversary of Warped Tour drops tomorrow! But we can already cross one band off the list.

Speaking exclusively to Rock Sound, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman shared that he tried to make good on having The Ghost Inside play their live return on the Warped Tour stage.

"I tried- I tried, I tried, I tried. But their manager said they were going to do their own thing. I tried. I really tried." Kevin shared.

"But it’s absolutely so good to see them back. Absolutely." he continued, "I’m hoping to get down and see their comeback show. And I always hold open a spot for them on the [Warped] line-up. And I’ve always said to them that they are welcome on this show.

"It’s too bad that they won’t be on the show because I think people would be glad to have them. But it’s so great to have them back."

These comments come off the back of Kevin announcing The Ghost Inside would be making their comeback on Warped Tour 2017, where he shared during the live artist announcement “When that accident happened, I said, ‘I will hold this spot until the day before Warped Tour started.’ I said ‘It’s your spot'. I’ve never announced a band for a tour a year and a half ahead. [The] Ghost Inside will be on the 2017 Warped Tour.”

Warped Tour's 2019 line-up is set to drop tomorrow.

Get all the info on the three 25th anniversary Warped Tour events here.

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