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The Ghost Inside Have Announced Their First One-Off Appearance For 2020

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 2 September 2019 at 15.53

Early last month, The Ghost Inside took to Twitter to share that they'd started work on their fifth studio album - and they then went on to share another update on where they're at, and what the future has in store.

In a short video posted to Instagram in the tail-end of August, the band shared that they're looking to play some more shows next year - but they're not up to touring, yet. 

"Hey everybody, we’re The Ghost Inside - checking in with you after our show in July. A lot of you are asking the question about what our future is going to hold - we’ve had a lot of long conversations about it, and we feel like the show in July is definitely not the end of our story, but the beginning of a new chapter," they shared. "We are going to try to do a few more shows next year - we’re still working out most of the details on that, but expect to pay attention, and hopefully we will see you somewhere next year... And we’re not going on tour - we’re playing a couple of shows."

They've already started to make good on that undertaking, with the announcement of their first one-off appearance of 2020. Sharing the news on social media, The Ghost Inside posted that they would be performing at Germany's Full Force Festival next June. The festival appearance will mark their only European performance for 2020.

"The first stop of 2020 that we can share with you will be Full Force Festival in Germany!" the band shared. "This will be our only performance in mainland Europe for the year. When we talked about what places were most important for us to try to get back to at least one more time, Germany was at the top of the list. Our fans there have welcomed us with open arms time after time and always made us feel at home, and Full Force especially marked some major milestones for TGI. When they approached us to play their festival, they totally understood that The Ghost Inside isn’t just showing up to play songs but to share an incredible experience that is much bigger than just the music. So we are beyond excited to team up with Full Force and we’ll see you next summer!"

Check out the announcement video below:

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