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The Get Up Kids Writing New Material

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 19 August 2009 at 18.20

The Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor tells Rock Sound that the band are writing new music together.

The Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor has told Rock Sound that the band have been writing new music together since they reformed.

"We have written a couple of tunes," he admitted recently. "We are playing a song live that has a working title ‘Keith Case’ but I’m not sure if that will be the final title. We have another one called ‘Tommy Gentle’ too."

However, he did quickly add that the band will not definitely be releasing a new album in future. "We are not sure what to do these songs yet," he added. "We have been thinking about trying something different and doing something that is more accommodating to our schedules, less pressure and more fun but it's way too early in the decision making process to get into that. We are currently we are working with Vagrant for this reissue but after that we are technically free agents."

The singer also added that he hopes the band will have a chance to return to the UK in future.

"This run has gone surprisingly well," he continued. "We would have stayed longer if we had known it would go this well! The crowd drinks now, merch is down and bar sales are up. I’m kinda surprised by it, towards the end of last time there was a point where we noticed that we were getting older and the fans were getting younger and now it is a healthy mix. It's great, the feedback has been really positive."

The Get Up Kids play the Camden Electric Ballroom this evening (August 19). Tickets are sold out.

'Something To Write Home About' is re-released on Vagrant this September.

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