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The Faim Have Released A Gorgeously Freeing New Track ‘The Hills’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 January 2022 at 16.20

An absolute beauty.

The Faim 
are back once more with a brand new track, and it's absolutely wonderful. 

It's called 'The Hills' and is as introspective as it is intensely freeing, combining shimmering guitars with sun-stained intentions. It glistens like every single one of your favourite summers and is guaranteed to be trapped in your head from the moments that it ends.

Vocalist Josh Raven had this to say about it:

“’The Hills’ is a song which touches on anxiety and the desire to go back to that place where you can reconnect with yourself and take a breath.” comments guitarist and songwriter Sam Tye. “For Josh and I, the Perth hills is one of these places and after two years of being on the road, coming home gave us a moment to reflect on the sometimes-overwhelming experiences you have whilst touring. I hope this song helps people find that place for themselves.”

And guitarist Sam Tye had this to say about the video, filmed in Perth where the band are from:

“’The Hills’ music video involves a stylistic representation of life inside the band. The driving connects to life on the road and experiencing the world through a moving window as they travel to their next destination. In certain moments we see live performance represented and in others we see snapshots of personal creativity, drawing back the curtains of life in a band and its perpetual motion.”

Here we go then:

It follows on from 'Ease My Mind' which sounds an awful lot like this:

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