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The Dangerous Summer Have Been Robbed

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 February 2018 at 14.44

This truly sucks.

The Dangerous Summer have been robbed. 

The band are currently touring the US with Microwave and The Band Camino. Their van was broken into a day before the tour's end and all of the personal possessions, passports, computers and luggage of the band and their crew was stolen. 

The Band Camino have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to replace items with this message:

"The Dangerous Summer is a band a lot of us have loved for a long time, and thankfully this year we got a new album from them along with a new tour. Unfortunately, on February 19th, ONE day before the tour end, their van was broken into and everything stolen- computers, cash, cameras, passports, personal luggage, etc. Anybody who has ever toured knows this is a crushing blow and puts you at a complete low. 

These guys and their entire crew are some of the most caring, kindest guys out there and music fans are lucky to have them back. This tour has been awesome for them, and I refuse to let this incident set back all this tour’s progress. Let’s help em out.  $10,000 isn’t even close to what they lost, but anything is a start. Love you guys."

You can donate HERE.

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