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The Damned Things Post New Artwork And Song

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 October 2010 at 15.42

A double whammy from the band that features members of Fall Out Boy, Every Time I Die and Anthrax.

The Damned Things have posted the artwork for their forthcoming debut album 'Ironiclast'. Guitarist Joe Trohman posted the following online to explain more of the meaning behind the cover:

"This art is meant to represent a example of an 'ironiclast'. The $1 bill is one of the most iconoclastic images we, as a band, could think of. Every time we kept musing on other widely recognized bits of imagery, we always came back to this bank note for some reason. It felt relevant, regardless of the meaning one decides to attach.

It can that represent everything from the American dream and total independence, to capitalism and a loss in sight of what's really important in this world. It could be representative of not just the current American economy, but also of the world economy and it's piss poor state of being. This could also conjure up the old 'money is the root of all evil' adage. Maybe you just hate George Washington and you feel like this is really sticking it to him...FINALLY! Or maybe you love George Washington and have been dying to give him a cool makeover. This is all left up to you.

Many meanings can be attached to this imagery. It's all in how you choose to interpret it."

The artwork is below, click on it to listen to new track 'Friday Night (Going Down In Flames'.


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