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The Bronx Have Announced A New Album

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 21 July 2017 at 13.42

'BRVNX' is coming.

The Bronx have announced a new album.

'V' (or 'BRVNX') is released September 22 via Cooking Vinyl / ATO. You can pre-order here.

It'll feature this song:

Among all of these:

1. Night Drop at the Glue Factory
2. Stranger Danger
3. Side Effects
4. Fill the Tanks
5. Channel Islands
6. Two Birds
7. Sore Throat
8. Past Away
9. Cordless Kids
10. Broken Arrow
11. Kingsize

And here's the cover.

“It has the angst and social commentary that has characterized The Bronx from the beginning,” says guitarist Joby J. Ford.

“...only now the angst is aimed at more than just superficial things and the social commentary is directed at more than just people who like different music than us.”

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