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Tay Jardine: “I Didn’t Realise How Important This Break Was For Me Mentally And Physically”

Will Cross
Will Cross 20 August 2017 at 11.58

Tay Jardine joined us on the Rock Sound Podcast to discuss the secret history of how the band came to be, how she needed her time away from music and staying respectful to her roots.

SAINTE's Tay Jardine caught up with the Rock Sound Podcast to reveal all about her brand new project.

On the beginning of a whole new era...

"It feels free. It feels great. It really feels like I'm doing this for the first time in some ways, but then there's something in the back of my mind that goes, 'Well, you've got this and you're more confident now because you've done this before'.

"There's this mixture of more confidence mixed with excitement because it's something so new and it's starting now. It's an interesting feeling but it's great."

And it was something she needed to do...

"I didn't realise I needed the break until maybe just six months ago, honestly.

"I didn't realise how important that break was for me mentally and physically. I decided to take that time and work a lot on my voice, so the physical time off was incredible for that and then just mentally to be like a real person and not be on the road all the time was just really fun and eye-opening for me.

"Starting SAINTE was something that felt true to me but at the same time it was hard to decide that. I've always wanted to do We Are The In Crowd, I've never not wanted to do it, I just knew that I wanted to do something more and something else. So it was just a matter of deciding what's the right thing, what's the right 'want' at this time - that's how it felt.

"It was a natural feeling but, I mean honestly, there were moments where I was against the idea because I thought that it wasn't in me or maybe we could just push these song ideas into more of a We Are The In Crowd vibe. But the more I would think like that, the more it seemed worth it to do something new.

And while this is very much the start of something special, Tay stressed that this isn't her disrespecting her legacy in former band We Are The In Crowd...

"Honestly, playing We Are The In Crowd songs at these shows - it's just about not forgetting where we all came from.

"SAINTE is totally my new journey, but I'm not putting my fingers up and saying F-you, WATIC!

"That's totally not this, it's me saying, 'Hey, I'm totally still about these songs too'. And I know that's what the fans want to hear, like I know that if I went to a show - that's what I'd want to hear. It's hard to go back because you think you're taking steps backwards but ultimately you're not."


To listen to the full interview with Tay, including more on how SAINTE came to be and what's to come, you can subscribe to the Rock Sound Podcast on iTunes or you can listen on Soundcloud below...

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