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Take A Look Inside Fall Out Boy’s ‘MANIA’ Experience

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 10 September 2018 at 09.50

Not quite like being there, but almost.

In case you somehow missed the news, Fall Out Boy played their biggest hometown show ever at Chicago's Wrigley Field over the weekend. 

The homecoming was an entire weekend-long event, with activities going down in Chicago for days around Saturday's huge show. Most notably, people finally got the chance to experience The 'MANIA' Experience for the first time. 

The 'MANIA' Experience was described by the band as being "12 different spaces for you to walk through (everything from a giant purple wave, to a room with music boxes filled with unreleased remixes and covers, + more)". They also revealed that "Frosty and Royal Tea will be there, in the fur, ready for some photo ops."

Sadly, Pete Wentz also revealed when speaking to Rock Sound that it won't be taken out on tour, or recreated in any capacity again, sharing "What I really want to stress is, because people are like 'why isn't this coming on tour', this has been a fucking nightmare to do. God bless the people who do this as their job. I'm trying to do this on a budget of a Fall Out Boy record. If I was Elon Musk I would shoot myself in the fucking head. Like it's crazy. The moving parts on something this small are just crazy.

So if people are in the area, they should come to this because it's going to be really hard for us to recreate that. If not i'm sure that people will Instagram Live it and you can FaceTime your friend and everyone can experience this."

Luckily for us, someone has put a video of the whole thing on YouTube for all the fans who couldn't make it to Chicago over the weekend:

Check out our full chat with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley about all things Fall Out Boy:

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