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SXSW: Ben Weasel Punches Audience (Video)

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 19 March 2011 at 10.59

Disturbing reports from Austin that the Screeching Weasel frontman punched out two female members of the crowd at The Scoot Inn. Utterly not cool.

Really shitty news coming out of Texas last night: it seems Screeching Weasel frontman Ben Weasel aka Ben Foster lost control of himself and punched two girls in the crowd last night. A video of the incident is below.

According to Jim Rogatis of WBEZ, Foster had been pissed off all day about having to play the industry-centric event. After playing a vitriolic set, punctuated by various rants (centring on music critics, but we aren't taking it personally) someone threw a beer at him.

In Rogatis' words, which you can read by clicking this link, this is what happened next: "Weasel puffed out his chest and talked tough, threatening to beat up whoever had doused him. When someone shouted that it had been a girl, he joked that he couldn’t hit a girl, but he could hire another girl to do it. Then a woman threw an ice cube that hit him in the eye.

"At that point, according to club booker Rufus Raxlen, numerous concertgoers, and security guards interviewed by this reporter and Martens, Weasel yelled at the woman; she spat at him, and then he jumped offstage and punched her in the face. One security guard said the girl was a friend of the venue’s owner, and when that woman stepped in to intervene, Weasel swung at her, too, before he was hustled out of the venue.

"Weasel, the woman who was hit, and the venue owner all had left by the time Austin police arrived 10 minutes after the show ended."

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