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Such Gold Singer Stabbed

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 26 April 2011 at 10.08

Cancelled dates were down to vocalist Ben Kotin's horrific injuries - but he's recovering well.

Some truly shitty news to start the week - one of our favourite new bands, Such Gold were recently forced to cancel a number of dates due to vocalist Ben Kotin being stabbed outside a party. The band initially remained quiet, citing a "serious incident regarding one of the band", but have now released a statement detailing exactly what happened. In a display of textbook good-dudeness Kotin has actually apologised for inconveniencing all the fans by selfishly getting in the way of a knife. It goes without saying that all at Rock Sound wish Kotin a speedy recovery and are sending our best wishes to the band, Kotin and his friends and family.

Ben Kotin says:

"There have been a lot of rumors flying around the Internet and I think it’s about time to clarify things. About three weeks ago I was stabbed multiple times outside of a party. I can’t go into any details but I will say that I’m lucky to be alive. I want to thank all my friends and band mates who saved my life. I’m very sorry to leave you all to decipher whether the rumors were true or not for so long but I felt it was necessary to keep to myself for a certain period of time.

"There’s no telling exactly when I will be well enough to perform again but Such Gold will be doing some dates in the month of May with one of my best friends Skylar, from an awesome Massachusetts-based band called Building, filling in for me. I ask that you treat him with as much respect as you would me or anyone in this band. Again I’m very sorry to leave you to speculate on what happened for so long. I can’t wait to get back on the road and hang with all the amazing friends and fans that I’ve met over these past few years. I also want to thank everyone who did know about this for their love and support throughout these past few weeks. Every day I wish we could be hanging out with The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Make Do And Mend and Living With Lions but soon enough Such Gold will be coming back harder than ever and I can’t wait!"

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