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Study Finds Fans Of Bring Me The Horizon And Escape The Fate To Be ‘The Most Neurotic’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 22 March 2018 at 10.27

A study undertaken by Stanford and Cambridge Universities has been brought back in to the limelight in the wake of Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The study conducted in 2015 has highlighted personality profiles around fans of bands, and it's pretty damn controversial, and we feel pretty targeted by the findings. The study looks at personality profiles of people with specific regards to patterns of behaviour and the music they are fans of. 

The 2015 study has all come back to light as a result of an investigation by The New York Times, which has exposed Cambridge Analytica for harvesting and data mining profiles of millions of Facebook users and using this information to sway and influence people around the 2016 American election.

And honestly, we're taking the findings pretty damn personally. Among the findings, researchers published that fans of Bring Me The HorizonEscape The FateMarilyn Manson and TV show Adventure Time are "the most neurotic". Excuse me? Dare you to say that to our collective faces, Cambridge Analytica. 

The study also found that fans of Judas PriestMarilyn Manson and Rammstein are "the least agreeable". 

It's not all bad though- for example if you're a fan of Relient K, you're considered to be "the most agreeable". Nice. We know which group we'd rather be lumped in with (and hint, it's not being an agreeable Relient K fan).

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