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Stream New Politics’ Album ‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’

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Rock Sound 10 March 2014 at 15.50

The Danish trio post their new album online and the sun comes out, coincidence we think not!

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Danish three-piece New Politics will be releasing 'A Bad Girl In Harlem' on March 17 and, as a treat, we've got the entire record streaming all week on the site. Like radio-ready synth-pop jams? Then this is the record for you. Click below to hear it in full and keep scrolling for the track by track andinfo on the band's touring plans...

'A Bad Girl In Harlem' track by track from David Boyd.

01. Tonight You're Perfect
"This song means a lot to us and has more than one meaning but the basic thing is, life is fragile. We all have deep questions and we tend to get caught up easily in the past but take a moment and look around, see how perfect things really are and all the great possibilities we have. Learn to cherish and celebrate the moment!

Fun fact: We wrote this song in Stockholm after a wild night out on a boat club called Patricia. We came into the studio the morning after and wrote the song."

02. Harlem
"We moved to Brooklyn from Copenhagen and spent most of our time writing the album there. I met a girl from Spanish Harlem at a house party and I'd never noticed or paid attention to other areas of NYC till meeting her. We had what I like to call ' romantic adventure in Harlem'.

Fun fact: Harlem was the last song we wrote for the album along with 'Fall Into These Arms'. And we really had fun writing it."

03. Berlin
"Berlin is about a crush on a girl in lovely city of Berlin, Germany! We really love that city. The song also relates to us in another way because we are constantly touring and seeing all these amazing cities but 99% of the time we leave and never experience a place in it's totality. We have such amazing times but it's never enough!

Fun fact: The girl is originally from the UK (Wales, where we met the first time) but lives in Berlin and that's the only time I've seen her. (No I will not give names!!!)"

04. Stuck On You
"Everyone has that one person they can't get over, whether it's a newfound love or an old flame. It's the only ballad on our album and probably the most serious. It's about losing someone or not being able to have someone you love.

Fun fact: This song almost didn't make the album. Now it has become one of the album favourites by our fans."

05. Give Me Hope
"This is a feel good song rock and roll love summer song with a great vibe! It's a little punky, a little dancey, and an all around feel good song.

Fun fact: This was released on our first album and the version on this album is actually closer to the original demo."

06. Die Together
"This song's written about an ex-girlfriend, when you're feeling mad and evil. It was a really emotional time.

Fun fact: 'Die Together' barely made the album, but it has become a favourite for a lot of our fans, especially the older ones due to the Billy Idol/Muse influence."

07. Goodbye Copenhagen
"This song was written while reshaping ourself to American culture after moving from Denmark, it was a confusing life changing period. But as we grow and found our new balance we eventually built this love/hate relationship with both Denmark and America. Denmark please don't forget about us!

Fun fact: Moving to America we were used to girls approaching us (Denmark woman choose who they want and in America it is 100% reversed)."

08. Overcome
Love this song, this helped us through a really hard time. We were dead broke after our first album and when we were writing 'A Bad Girl in Harlem' we almost gave up a few times. We wrote this song to push us through and remind us what we were fighting for! Glad we did because this is the song our fans really relate to in hard times and we've received so much praise for it. We feel the world can always use a song like that.

Fun fact: We ate white bread and Ramen noodles for about four months while writing this album."

09. Just Like Me
"This is our party hard song! We're huge punk rock fans and had to put this on our album! This is our guilty pleasure, get some anger out or sweat it out!

Fun fact: the vocals are the original demo take which we did in one take! Also our friend and legend Tommy Lee thinks this is a hit!"

10. Fall Into These Arms
"Losing someone is hard and emotional. This song is about that.

Fun fact: We weren't sure if this song would make the album, it's our favorite song to play live."

See New Politics support Fall Out Boy at the following shows:

11 - BRUSSELS Ancienne Belgique
12 - PARIS Le Zenith
15 - CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
18 - DUBLIN Olympia
20 - LONDON Wembley Arena
21 - NEWCASTLE Metro Arena
22 - GLASGOW Hydro

Tickets are available for the shows at this link.

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