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State Champs’ Derek DiScanio: “We’ve Been Starting To Gather As Much As We Can For The Next Album”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 August 2020 at 14.15

The new era is starting to take shape. 

It's been a couple of years since State Champs released their last album 'Living Proof', and it looks as though the cogs are starting to turn on its follow-up. 

In our recent Video Call with vocalist Derek DiScanio, he revealed what the plan is as they move forwards...

"I think for the past eight to ten months we’ve been starting to gather as much as we can for the next album, especially during this lockdown time too. It should be the most beneficial [time] for bands like us to start gathering and doing stuff. But then at the same time it’s tough. Being cooped up inside and not being able to see your friends and your family and be outside are the kind of things that make me motivated and inspired to write songs. Times like these have been a little less inspiring. It can get you down but it shouldn’t at the same time. You’ve got to find ways to inspire yourself and think in a different way than I normally would. Luckily that’s been starting to happen.

"I think around next month we’re all going to be able to see each other and be in the same room again and that’s going to be a big refreshing moment too. To start being creative together and start pushing ourselves in person to really get the next era and next chapter of Champs going."

There you go!

You can catch up with the full chat below:

The band just released their new acoustic EP 'Unplugged' via Pure Noise Records. 

It features the absolutely lovely 'Crying Out Loud', which sounds like this:

You can pick up some special 'Unplugged' merch from our mates over at Impericon from right HERE


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