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Stand Atlantic’s ‘deathwish’ Has Surpassed 10 Million Streams On Spotify

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 November 2021 at 11.19

In just six months, it's now the band's second-biggest song on the platform.

Back in April, Stand Atlantic released 'deathwish', a big bold slice of glitchy pop-rock wonderment featuring nothing,nowhere..

The track has clearly made a huge impact, as it has just surpassed 10 million streams over on Spotify. 

It is now their second biggest song on the platform, with only 'Lavender Bones' above it with nearly 15 million.

Just behind it now about to hit 10 million as well is their classic 'Coffee At Midnight' at 9 million and 'Hate Me (Sometimes)' at 8.7 million.

So yeah, absolutely massive moves from the band and shows that where they are heading in 2022 will be VERY exciting indeed.

Here's the video for the song:

We chatted to vocalist Bonnie Fraser all about the song around its release, which you can check out below:

The band recently released a furious new single in the form of 'molotov [OK]', which is waiting for you below:

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