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Spotify Open For UK Business

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 February 2009 at 15.32

Music streaming service opens the doors wide with free sign up for all.

Music streaming serviceSpotify is open for use by anyone in the UK! The service posted the following message on their blog:

''We’re taking our first baby step to open up Spotify to a larger audience today. Up until now we’ve kept a close eye on controlling our user growth with invitations so that we don’t run into any problems and to ensure that everyone gets a really good music experience when they signup, so far so good.

So starting today people in the UK will no longer need an invitation to join Spotify, you can register for our free service directly from our website as always our premium, ad-free service is still available. However, we want to make sure that everyone who uses Spotify gets the same fast, uninterrupted experience so providing a stable service is our priority. If growth happens too fast and it starts affecting quality we may have to re-instate the invitation system, hopefully this won’t happen.

If everything goes well we hope to do the same in other countries in the future, but for now if you’re in the UK and have been looking for an invitation to join, the wait is over. Visit our homepage and join Spotify.''

Head to to join up now!

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