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Spiritbox Have Dropped Three New Songs, And They Are Glorious

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 June 2022 at 13.15

'Rotoscope' is here.

The juggernaut that is Spiritbox has dropped three new songs, titled 'Rotoscope', 'Sew Me Up' and 'Hysteria'.

All three are now up on streaming, and are part of the 'Rotoscope' single 

The title track has a video, too! Dive in.

This single follows the band's utterly massive debut album 'Eternal Blue', and their nigh-on runaway success since, including show-stopping sets at Download Festival and their first ever UK headliner last week.

On the latter, we said:

There are moments we experience that we know we will be talking about for years to come. Things that stick with us and live in the back of our minds, creeping back into our psyche every now and then and transporting us back to how unrestrained we felt watching literal magic take place. They are the things that make us, shape us and ultimately define us, reminding us of how beautiful, powerful and limitless life can be. 

And Spiritbox produced two of these moments in the space of two days. 

Check out the full review and photo gallery here.

Oh, and you can dig into 'Sew Me Up' and 'Hysteria' - the other two new songs on the single - below. Massive.


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