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Soulfly’s New Album The Most Violent Yet

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 April 2010 at 18.24

Max Cavalera tells Rock Sound about the aggression of seventh studio album 'Omen'.

US heavyweights Soulfly have announced that the 11 tracks on their seventh studio album ‘Omen’ will be their “most violent” yet.

Speaking to Rock Sound Max Cavalera explained that musically the sound “fits the aggression” of the lyrics, which focus on subjects like serial killers!

“The really heavy riffs fit with the heavy lyrics and they go hand in hand together. On the track ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ I was attracted to writing about a serial killer because it was different for Soulfly. It’s something I never touched on before so there was a bit of excitement to do something for the first time.”

The frontman also provided some insight into the new album artwork.

“When I spoke with the artist, the concept was the idea of the seven deadly sins because [this is] the seventh album. He thought about it and said: ‘Okay I will make every gas masked figure [on the album cover] hold a different deadly sin’. I thought it was cool and original, a totally different approach.”

Twelve years have lapsed since Soulfly’s 98 self-titled debut and the track 'Soulfly VII' at the end of the record continues the tradition of having a self-titled song on the album. Something Max feels at this stage in their career is a defining trademark.

‘“Soulfly VII’ is really about the other side of Soulfly, the spiritual side, the mellow side and the clean side. There’s no distortion and it’s mellow driving music. Mountains and oceans” he laughs. “That’s what comes to mind when I listen to those songs. I think it sounds like the The Police, which is cool.”

‘Omen’ is due for release on May 25, via Roadrunner. For more on the Soulfly check out Issue 135 of Rock Sound, out now.

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