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Sonisphere 2010 - The Story Of Saturday

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 1 August 2010 at 17.23

A full review of Day Two of Sonisphere, including the insane spectacle of Rammstein, the righteous fury of Gallows and Therapy?'s nostalgia trip

This page was updated throughout the day, so read from the top and enjoy the ride...

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Family Force 5 scare away the hangovers by coming on really bloody early - 11.15 is not a prime slot, unless everyone's stayed up from the night before - and coming on like the bastard sons of Hollywood Undead, Steel Panther and, er, Justin Timberlake. And then the singer grows Hulk hands and encourages Sonisphere to 'Shake that greasy junk!' Charming fellows, do come back soon.

Over on the Bohemia Stage, Evile are proving wildly popular. Playing to what at times appears to be a forest of people throwing the horns, their speedy, complex aggro-metal goes down a treat in a ridiculously early set. Not ridiculous because they should be headlining, but ridiculous because IT'S 12:30PM AND INSANE METAL IS HAPPENING. Ah, festivals.

Can't argue with the massive audience that Lacuna Coil are playing to on the main stage. For such an early slot there really is a ridiculous amount of people here, which suggests that even after all these years Lacuna have lost none of their appeal.

Props to the undisputed riff-kings Anthrax: when they dedicate 'Indians' to Dio they unleash a torrent of goodwill towards them. After all, why not? A heavy-metal band in the purest sense paying tribute to one of their heroes on the Saturday afternoon of a massive metal festival. After the millions of words that always come in the wake of a tragedy it's the simplest tributes that work best.

Soulfly manage to conjure up the biggest circle pit of the weekend so far for 'Roots Bloody Roots'. Which isn't a surprise, because they've become a consummate festival band - they know what the crowd wants and deliver in spades. Lots of growling? Yup. Lots of riffery? Yup yup. Loads of sweaty dudes shouting at the stage? Yup yup yup.

Credit goes to Fear Factory, though, for their utter lack of modesty: "THIS IS OUR LAST SONG," bellows the ever-bellowing Burton C Bell. "UNFORTUNATE! BUT FORTUNATE FOR YOU AS YOU GOT TO SEE FEAR FACTORY!" Yes we did. Thanks, BCB.

A little later and Rinoa are taking to the Strongbow Bowtime Bar Bar Time Time Strong. Not only is the tent surprisingly busy for this time in the afternoon but people are going a little nuts for the post-metallers: dudes stomping around, a lot of arms thrown in the air, nutty people on the barrier screaming along with every word. The band clearly appreciate the support, as they fling themselves around the stage like they're electrified and put in one of the festival's best and most passionate performances yet.

Sweariest Man Of The Day goes to Jacoby Shaddix aka Coby Dick aka No Seriously, Call Me Jacoby. Papa Roach are playing to a huge crowd on the main stage and during the set he calls Justin Bieber a "fucking little cocksucker,", prompts the first boob-flash of the day (because with all the men dressed up like ugly ladies here this weekend what we need is more flesh on show) and rubs his own nipples in the most public fashion. Then he asks if the crowd wants to hear a new song before telling them to fuck off when they reply in the negative. Then they play 'Last Resort' and everyone goes batshit. Great stuff.

Sadly, when Apocalyptica follow them they sound like an ogre sawing demonically at a block of wood while a shit Metallica ringtone buzzes away. Which is not a whole lot of fun for anyone.

Big respect for The Casino Brawl: they attract much attention from passers-by with their mix of head-spinning guitarwork and brutal breakdowns held together by a series of increasingly catchy vocal hooks. Definitely one for the Alexisonfire fans to check out.

Sick Of It All just demand attention, and the eager crowd is more than willing to kick up some dust as the hardcore legends blast through 'Built To Last'. The abundance of diehard fans windmilling along to every beatdown goes to show SOIA are just that. They even throw in a particularly vicious wall of death that makes even the band wince a little.

A quick trot to the Strongbow Bar and Kellermensch are getting involved with their glorious string-soaked anthems. With the small stage crammed with a string quartet and guitarist there are echoes of everything from Zeppelin to Nirvana; this is a really wonderful noise.

Seems today is Nirvana Day - Placebo cover 'All Apologies' and Corey Taylor does 'Polly'. The Slipknot frontman actually has to wait for the massive crowd to stop chanting his name before he can finish 'Bother', so it's safe to say tonight's debut UK solo set was a massive success. Like, is there anything this guy can't smack out the park?

The reception according earthtone9 is nothing short of delirium. "This isn't some nostalgia trip," barks frontman Karl Middleton, "This is still relevant." He's not wrong. The pummeling hardcore of their short, painfully loud set is gobbled up by a crowd who all raise their hands when Middleton asks who's an old-school fan.

"WE ARE FUCKING GALLOWS!" announce Gallows. Yes you are. Not the busiest of tents, but considering they're up against Motley Crue that's hardly a surprise; having said that, they do try their level best to murder every single person in earshot by stabbing them with anger. The Crue unleashed the most disappointing pyro display ever, but that hardly dampened the enthusiasm of a field full of pissed people having the time of their lives.

Now here's something we didn't see coming: InME packing out the Strongbow stage as the break out songs both old and new. It might be their first festival appearance in four years but the overwhelming reaction to their older material shows while their public profile might have dimmed they've lost none of their support.

But tonight belongs solely to Rammstein. Suffice to say the set is as ridiculous as you might expect - there's volcanic eruptions of flame and Flake paddles out into the middle of the crowd in a dinghy while they sound like a particularly nasty war from start to finish. The spectacle of it all is just too much to take in at times, because the sheer heat of the pyro and the thick, caustic guitars are so over-stimulating that there's a danger of missing the point: this is a rock show and a band needs songs to hold a festival crowd for two hours. But when you've got so many thousands of people singing along in a language they probably don't understand (we say singing, it's more like bellowing random syllables and joining in for the easy bits) as the sun sets over Hertfordshire it's hard to think anything other than holy fuck this is insane.

The Bohemia stage is bursting at the seams for nostalgic punters hungry to hear Therapy? run through the classic album 'Troublegum' in its entirety. But despite technical problems that mean they have to restart the set three times the set sounded both solid and fresh, even if half the crowd is unable to see anything. Hearing everyone singing along to 'Screamager' in the fullest of voices is enough to warm anyone's heart.

Last band of the day is Renegages aka Feeder, who take the opportunity to play the majority of their new album for an audience prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. It's a good chance to hear the new album in what is a relatively intimate setting, and there's no doubting they sound like they're back to their rocky best.

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Here's our full review of everything that happened on Sunday - click here to check it out.

Additional reporting: Amy McGill, Jen Thomas and Helen Catchpowle.

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