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Sonisphere 2010: Comprehensive Coverage

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 August 2010 at 19.33

The best photos, funniest videos and sharpest reviews from every band worth seeing at the Knebworth bash are now online. Want to know how Maiden and Rammstein went down, who BMTH's special guest was, how many times Corey Taylor jerks off daily, what it looks like to walk onto the main stage or a load of other craziness? Come on in...

Crikey. That's about all we can muster up after the absolutely insane weekend that was Sonisphere 2010. For all you lucky punters who were onsite over the last couple of days, here's everything you need to jog that pesky memory of yours (oh, you don't remember seeing Kvelertak? The band dressed as owls? Ah, there you go...) and reminisce about what a blinder it was. For everyone else... this is what you missed.

Our Sonisphere hub is right here, so check out all our videos, photos and reviews right here. Or, for some edited highlights, just scroll down the page...

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Want to read our full review of Saturday's shenanigans? Click here.

Here's our full review of everything that happened on Sunday - click here to check it out.

For more awesome pictures like this, click here.

Check out even more video-based weirdness here, with bands interviewing bands, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of everyone from Skindred to Family Force 5 and more.

We talked to Dir En Grey's Kaoru and Toshiya here, caught up with Oli Sykes for a chat about the future of Bring Me The Horizon, hung out with Placebo and did a whole bunch of chatting with 65daysofstatic right here.

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