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So… What’s Next For Against The Current?

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 December 2019 at 11.33

“I think this is a pivotal year for us.” - Chrissy Costanza.

Against The Current are your International Artist Of The Year at the 2019 Rock Sound Awards! Pick up their world exclusive, commemorative Rock Sound Awards magazine and poster print now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV, featuring a brand new interview with Chrissy, Dan and Will, plus a full brand new photoshoot.

But what does the future have in store for Against The Current? In their cover feature, Chrissy, Dan and Will share a lot of optimism for whatever is next.

Is this the year that Against The Current’s trajectory changed?
Chrissy: “I think this is a pivotal year for us.”

Will: “Unforgettable, too. We had a couple where it was hazy, but not this one.”

Chrissy: “We really looked at ourselves in the mirror and were like, ‘What do we want next?’ It's time to really ask that question, and whichever way it goes, this was the year we decided to figure it out.”

Do you look at the band you are now and wish you’d got here sooner?
Dan: “You could probably drive yourself crazy thinking like that.”

Will: “We did what we could do at the time with the skillset and the help we had.”

Chrissy: “Or even just the confidence.”

Will: “And now we can do something greater. Or something different.”

So if you’ve spent this year figuring out what’s next… what is next? What does Against The Current look like in 2020?
Will: “We’re in the early stages of feeling out what that is. We’re trying to approach things a little differently, and figure out what the landmark things that made Against The Current Against The Current are. We’re thinking about songs and how they work live. We play live so much, so if the songs don’t work live, what’s the point? Hopefully we’ll be bringing some of the more rocking kind of energy onto the record.”

Chrissy: “I think also more potent emotion. When I think about the songs that the fans always ask about and the songs that the fans really take to, the emotions in those songs are so potent. There’s nothing held back.”

So you’ve spent this time becoming Against The Current squared...
Chrissy: “For every band, for every person, there's an essence. There's something that's just at your core. And then the more hands that get laid on the project and the more you let other people’s opinions come in and the more fear you have of being yourself, it gets more and more watered down. We kind of want to become that more potent version of Against The Current again, right back down to what the name meant when we first chose it.”

It’s exciting to take back control...
Will: “Scary too. There are bands who get stuck and complacent and end up putting out a bunch of records that aren’t nearly as good or don’t stand up to the name they built. We’ve taken a minute and figured our shit out.”

The UK tour this month bookends this whole period. There must be a lot of mixed emotions about the last 18 months of your lives...
Will: “It feels good.”

Dan: “I feel like we got pretty close to perfecting the songs from ‘Past Lives’ live, so I’m excited to start playing whatever is next. It was a good time, a lot of good shows. We did three European tours off it…”

And that caps a good period of figuring out what this band needs to be next…
Will: “The industry people, the people sitting at the top of the label, the artists… everyone pretends like they know exactly what they’re doing. And then once you get into a room with these people, they’re like, ‘Listen, no one knows what the fuck works. All we’re trying to do is make something cool’. There’s no point in pretending, really.”

Chrissy: “For some reason, it's one of the most terrifying things for people to just be themselves. If it doesn't work because people don't like you… if what you're trying to do doesn't succeed, then you feel like <<you>> just didn't work. I think that's one of the scariest things there is, but that's what we want to do now: fearlessly be ourselves.”

This is just a taste! Pick up Against The Current's Rock Sound Awards magazine below to read the full interview, and see their full new photoshoot:

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