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Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan Has Launched A Competition For Fans To Make Their Own Masks

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 June 2020 at 11.22

A chance to show Clown your artistic skills.

Slipknot's Shawn 'Clown' Crahan wants you to get creative. 

He has launched a competition asking fans to create their own masks. in the same vein as Slipknot's legendary ones or completely different to Slipknot, and pictures of you wearing them to him. 

His favourites will have the chance to show them off to the world via a special Zoom call. 

Here's a full statement:


Create your own unique mask and send it to me.

[email protected]

It can executed from scratch or by turning an already existing mask in your own piece of art.

I’ll be highlight my favourite ones and some of you may be chosen to participate in a live chat with me while wearing your mask in front of the world.

Get creative, stay sic.

-  Clown"

Well what are you waiting for? Get making!

Need a bit of inspiration? Well have a watch of 'Pollution', short film made by Clown that was released earlier this year. 

He described the piece as something "that makes you question your own existence, here in this reality. When you lay down in your bed, next to the one you love, do you ever ask yourself - is it possible that this person could slit my throat while I’m sleeping? Enjoy. Pollution is everywhere.”

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