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Slipknot Will Honour Paul Gray With ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ This October

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Rock Sound 25 August 2014 at 10.29

According to iTunes, the metal kings will pay tribute to their fallen bassist Paul Gray with album number five this October.

UPDATE 1413: The band have now officially announced the record, along with a US tour, dubbed 'Prepare The Hell'. Korn and King 810 will be joining them

'The Devil In I', taken from Slipknot's upcoming fifth album '.5: The Gray Chapter'

Right, no time to fuck about: EVERYTHING you need to know about Slipknot's fifth album has just seeped out through iTunes.

It's called '.5: The Gray Chapter' and it's getting released on October 20 through Roadrunner Records. 

The tracklisting looks like this:

'.5: The Gray Chapter'

1. XIX
2. Sarcastrophe
3. Aov
4. The Devil In I
5. Killpop
6. Skeptic
7. Lech
8. Goodbye
9. Nomadic
10. The One That Kills The Least
11. Custer
12. Be Prepared For Hell
13. The Negative One
14. If Rain Is What You Want
15. Override (bonus track)
16. The Burden (bonus track)

The artwork looks like this:

And you can pre-order '.5: The Gray Chapter' now from iTunes.

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