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Slipknot Are Working On New Music, According To Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 November 2020 at 12.00

"We’re really lucky to be able to be together and do what we love most"

It's been just over a year since Slipknot released their latest album 'We Are Not Your Kind', and it appears they are already working on a follow-up. 

In a special bottle signing event for their Iowa No.09 whisky at the distillery where it is made, percussionist Shaun 'Clown' Crahan' revealed that because of the way that 2020 has taken shape, they have been working on new music together...

"Right now is an interesting time. We’re taking this time to write some new music. So for the last week we’ve been having a good time, eating a lot of food and writing God music. So we’re having a good time.

“Since everybody’s taken a lot of time off, we thought we’d utilise it by getting together and do what we probably do best, which is write music. So it’s been good, because there’s no pressure. It’s not like we have to. We’re doing it because we want to. And it’s just been a blessing, because boredom can set in. And I know all of us in the world are going crazy, so we’re really lucky to be able to be together and do what we love most.”

You watch the full interview with Clown, V-Man and New Guy signing bottles of the delicious liquor below:

Until then, here's 'Nero Forte':

And in case you missed it, here's 'Pollution', a short film directed by Clown and which is described like this:

“I set out to make a short film that makes you question your own existence, here in this reality. When you lay down in your bed, next to the one you love, do you ever ask yourself - is it possible that this person could slit my throat while I’m sleeping? Enjoy. Pollution is everywhere.”

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