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Sleeping With Sirens’ Nick Martin Confirms ‘Gossip’ Era Is Over- Hints At A New Album In 2019

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 29 November 2018 at 14.09

Roll on 2019!

Last night, Sleeping With Sirens wrapped up their 'Gossip' album cycle. They closed it all out on the Good Charlotte 'Generation Rx' tour, which closed out in Kansas last night.

Feeling reflective about 'Gossip', Sleeping With Sirens' Nick Martin took to twitter to share his thoughts on the end of the tour, and the end of an era for the band.

Nick shared in a series of tweets "I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to a show on this tour, but also wanted to thank EVERYONE who came out to a show across the world over the past year while 'Gossip' was out. Crazy to think it’s been over a year since that album came out. We’ve grown a lot in that time. Experienced a lot of life together — both good & bad. But, we did it together as a band; as a family.. and that means the world to me. The end of a tour & an album cycle is always a wide range of emotions. I feel everything from happiness to sadness to appreciation. The unknown of the future & the excitement that comes along with that.. but also the fear, which I thrive off of. It’s a positive fear.. It’s a fear that drives & motivates me. That “unknown” is what keeps life interesting & keeps it continually fresh. I embrace it. Thanks for being on this journey with us, it’s only going to get crazier.. I promise you that. I love you guys, seriously. I mean that. MUCH LOVE."

He then ended with a single tweet:

2019. Bring it on. 

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