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Sleeping With Sirens On New Music: “We Might Put Out A Couple Singles Before The Fall”

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 11 June 2018 at 17.00

We caught up with Kellin and Nick to chat through their huge tour for 'Gossip' and what comes next for SWS.

Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin and Nick have revealed that new music is (hopefully) on the way very soon.

We chatted to the boys at Slam Dunk recently where Kellin filled us in on the progress made on the follow-up to 'Gossip':

"We're working on new music. I've been writing a lot actually on this tour. I was kinda nervous 'cos I was having really bad writer's block before this. But this tour has started sparking a lot of inspiration for me. So yeah, we're doing some writing. We might put out a couple of singles before the fall. But nothing super set in stone yet. We're just taking our time."

Sounds exciting!

Nick added that some tracks are near completion thanks to their recording sessions on the road:

"There's already a lot of songs actually done in demo form. Kellin's got a bunch of ideas like he said, John and I brought our recording equipment out on this tour and we've been recording in our hotel rooms on off days. So we're definitely in writing mode right now."

The band will be hitting the road again this summer across the US so we can only hope that their inspo keeps growing as they play more shows.

Elsewhere, we looked back at the band's recent inclusion in the Winter Olympics and their Christmas single (along with some other holiday song ideas).

Check out our full interview with Kellin and Nick from Sleeping With Sirens in the video below:

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