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Slam Dunk 2011: Goldfinger’s John Feldmann Working With The King Blues Frontman

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 28 May 2011 at 21.31

Singer, producer and screamo forefather tells Rock Sound that his work with King Blues frontman Itch 'will change the world'.

Goldfinger frontman and renowned producer John Feldmann has been talking about his interest in (and plans to work with) new British bands at this year's Slam Dunk festival.

“I wanted to see Lower Than Atlantis today but I missed them, I'll definitely be catching them at Slam Dunk South," the singer said. "But I did get to see a couple of The Blitz Kids' songs today. I've been talking with The Blitz Kids online a bit recently so I wanted to check them out, they're interesting, kinda like Franz Ferdinand meets Refused. Who knows, we may do a record together at some point in future.”

Interestingly the singer did admit that he has already been working with an act due to play at the Hatfield date tomorrow.

"I'm actually working with Itch from The King Blues and he's been out to my house a few times to work on songs," he continued. "I can honestly say that I've not been as excited about working with a guy since I first met Bert McCracken from The Used. The stuff we are making is kinda like The Beastie Boys, Rancid, Skrillex and more. It's totally fucking new, when we get this record going it will change the world. He is the most talented lyricist I have ever met, ever in my life. In this day and age anyone can make a decent demo with an iPad and Garageband, my five year old son can make a song, but the lyrics and stories are the one thing that cannot be faked and Itch's life experience is like a movie."

And all we can say to that Goldfinger play Slam Dunk South on the Jagermeister Stage at 5:50 and The King Blues play the Introducing Stage at 3.20pm.

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