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Simple Creatures Have Announced The Release Date For Their Second EP

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 16 June 2019 at 12.28

"We're spooky like that" - Alex Gaskarth.

Simple Creatures dropped the first taste of their follow-up EP earlier this week in the form of their brand new single 'Special' - but now we have a date for when we're going to be getting the whole EP.

Speaking to Rock Sound backstage at Download Festival where Simple Creatures were headlining the Avalanche Stage, Mark Hoppus shared a couple of exclusives, including their upcoming touring plans and the release date of the EP.

"We’re going to be touring the US in the Fall - and other countries as well, but I don’t think those have been announced yet. Although the US hadn’t been announced yet and I just ruined that too," shared Mark. "Ask me a question, I’m going to answer you honestly and not be obtuse like ‘oh I dunno we’re kinda talking about-‘ WE’RE TOURING THE US IN THE FALL." 

And what about the EP?

"There's no timeline with this band, it’s always just as it happens and as it feels right things will come out. So EP two is starting to sound like an EP two, so we’re like okay - let’s fire that one up... For sure - sooner than you think." Alex shared.

Before Mark interrupted "Why don’t you say the date?"

Which Alex then shared "Oh, oh! We’re shooting for Friday, September 13, because we’re spooky like that. We said ‘when’s the next Friday the 13th because we’re spooky like that."


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