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Silverstein’s Website Is The Most 2005 Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 November 2014 at 11.59

Gather round everyone, we're going to talk to you about Myspace...

Right, hands up if you remember original Myspace (not what it's become today).

*waits patiently*

For those who don't, Myspace was the social network we all used to used before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram became things, and it was awesome / terrible in equal measure. You had your Top 8 (excruciatingly pick eight friends / bands, display your love for them on your profile page), your About section (that could run into pages if your really wanted to) and you could message anyone else who had it - even bands - and you'd usually get a response. It was kind of like a DM or a private message before they were ever dreampt up.

Why are we talking about this?

Simple: Because Silverstein have just re-done their website, and it looks EXACTLY like MySpace used to. It's got the basic profile, the horrendously user-unfriendly list of all their upcoming tour dates, and they've evn got their Top 8 in their (spoiler: they show some love for Beartooth, Rise Records, Hands Like Houses and Myspace Tom). 

Anyway, go have a look into the past at There are a few clues on there as to what the band have coming up, too (hint: a new album, a 10-year anniversary tour of 'Discovering The Waterfront', loads of touring). So while Myspace like we know it might be long dead, Silverstein definitely ain't...

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