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Shavo Odadjian Has A Whole Folder Of Riffs On His Phone Ready For System Of A Down

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 August 2020 at 12.55

Because you never know when you will need them. 

We don't really know when we will see a new System Of A Down album, but be assured that Shavo Odadjian has plenty of material ready and waiting for when that time comes. 

In our recent Video Call with the band's bassist, where we chatted about everything from Download Festival to his new project North Kingsley, he revealed that he has a whole folder of riffs on his phone that he thinks would be perfect for System. 

Let him explain...

"I have this phone and with this thing I record everything. Everything that I play. I realised something about myself. Before I wasn’t like that.

"About five years ago I changed my life. I changed how I live. I changed my pattern of doing things. I started working out. I quit doing certain things that I was doing before. I balanced myself out and now I’m different. By cutting certain things out of my life and learning how to be healthy your brain changes too. The endorphins and all this stuff. So now I have goals and missions.

"With that came this new creativity that started flowing out of me without me actually trying to do it. I’ll grab a guitar during a jam and something will come out. I realised that while it was coming out and I wasn’t recording, shit was coming out and then going away. I couldn’t memorise everything that was coming out and that I thought was cool. So I started recording everything I play and then I started listening to the recordings and then breaking it down and finding parts that I thought would be rad for System. I started breaking them down and recording them nicely and putting them into a bank. I have these folders that I have labelled System and these riffs that I know would work perfectly for a new System album.

"So I still have that. I didn’t use those riffs. I thought 2017 was when something was going to happen so I started really playing more and recording more and getting more riffs and more collections of riffs that worked well together.

"If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, they'll go somewhere else."

Wouldn't you love to just have a peek in there?

Here's the full interview for you to catch up on:

And if you haven't checked out North Kingsley yet, you should change that immedietely:

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