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Set It Off Have Announced The Details Of Their New Album ‘Elsewhere’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 January 2022 at 11.10

Step inside.

Set It Off's new era is well and truly here now. 

The band have announced that their new album 'Elsewhere' will be dropping on 11 March via Fearless Records.

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Skeleton
02. Projector
03. Cut Off
04. Loose Cannon
05. Why Do I
06. As Good As It Gets
07. Who’s In Control
08. Taste of the Good Life
09. Why Not Me
10. Dangerous
11. Cordial
12. The Magic 8
13. Playing With Bad Luck
14. Peekaboo
15. Catch a Break
16. Better Than This

There's a new song for you to listen to as well, the funky 'Projector'. A classic piece of SIO theatre, it's an earworm that according to Cody Carson is about a very certain kind of person:

"The amount of people that end up entering my life that are incapable of saying ‘I’m wrong,’ ‘I messed up,’ or ‘I’m sorry’ is baffling to me. Instead you’re met with finger pointing, excuses, and anger. They project their issues onto other people or even onto you just so they don’t have to face it themselves… I just want people to be able to turn this up as loud as it can go and vent about all those irritating people in their lives.” 

You can also hear 'Skeleton' right now as well:

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