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Selfish Things Have Released A New EP Featuring Reworked Versions Of Their Songs

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 June 2020 at 10.05

Quite simply beautiful. 

In light of the cancellation of their upcoming Canadian tour, Selfish Things have released a reimagined EP. 

All is explained in this statement:

"Hey all,

We’ve decided to cancel our Canadian headline dates. We live in uncertain times and it just doesn’t feel like it will be safe or morally sound to go ahead with the tour as planned. Our fans, crew and families health will always come first and we genuinely would never be able to cope with one or more of you getting sick. We miss you all dearly and look forward to being able to see you all at some point in the future. 

At the same time, we are excited to be releasing our new EP today. With us not being able to play shows, we wanted to give you all something to enjoy through the wild times 2020 has thrown at us. Enjoy the alternate versions and the cover - refunds for all dates are available at point of purchase. Love always, 

- ST"

SO, the new EP features three new versions of tracks from last year's debut album 'Logos' and a cover of Jon Bellion's 'Stupid Deep'. 

It's absolutely beautiful. 

Check it out right here:

We spoke to Alex Biro all about 'Logos' around the time it was released. You can read the full interview HERE but here's a little snippet for you:

What do you feel like ‘Logos’ as a title represents for you?
"‘Logos’ is derived from the work of Carl Jung. It’s less of the direct biblical interpretation of Logos, and more of his interpretation of divine order. I feel as though we are trying to attain something similar to that. If you’re truly in touch with yourself and with your life, then you want to find a portion of yourself that can sit within the parameters of ‘I want to ascend to a higher level of being’. Nobody wants to sit within his or her own misery, nobody wants to feel deeply unhappy or confused or lost, nobody wants to be afraid of death. So when I looked at the body of work that I had put together and saw how each song speaks to a different facet of my being, it just came back to the idea that the true reality of my life is to get to that ascended point of self-awareness and acceptance. I just thought that the Jung interpretation was the perfect summation of everybody’s goals - we all want to be transcendent and awake and if you don’t then you’re running from something."

It’s one thing to be able to talk about and process these feelings, but it’s a completely different one when you have a body of work in front of you to show exactly what you have been through. You have a physical thing to show the clarity that you’ve reached...
"I don’t even feel like I write these songs to be honest. I don’t feel like the person with the pen and paper. Everybody makes fun of me because I still write with a notebook, but there’s something so cathartic about scribbling lines - I feel like a conduit though. I don’t know where these lyrics truly come from and sometimes it takes me two or three years, or six months to actually realise what I was writing about at that time. I don’t feel like it’s a conscious act - my purpose isn’t to be a doctor or a lawyer as much as I wish it was, I was just given a gift from birth to explain how the fuck I feel without really knowing what I’m really saying. I’ve been lucky enough with this band to have kids connect with it and get it tattooed on them. I really wish I knew where it came from - I think it’s just from being an overly emotional person who has always been really in tune with their feelings. I just hope that people continue to find their own peace within what we put out."

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