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Seaway Have Announced A New Album, Watch Their New Video

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 13 July 2017 at 16.59

Pop-punk, sunshine and dogs. All our dreams are coming true.

Seaway have announced their new album, and dropped a new video.

The record is called 'Vacation', and it's out September 15 via Pure Noise.

Here's the first single, 'Apartment'. It has pop-punk and dogs and stuff so, y'know, treat yourself.

This band, though.

The album cover looks like this...

...And here's the tracklisting.

01. Apartment
02. Neurotic
03. London
04. Lula On The Beach
05. Something Wonderful
06. Curse Me Out
07. Day Player
08. Misery In You
09. Scatter My Ashes
10. Car Seat Magazine
11. 40 Over
12. When I Hang Up

"Vacation is a step in a new direction for us," says vocalist Ryan Locke.

"While still holding onto familiar aspects of the band, we definitely explored new destinations for Seaway. It is the best music we’ve written thus far; the record we’ve been working towards for the last 4 years."

Can't. wait.

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