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Sean Long On While She Sleeps’ 2019: “There Were Points Where We Thought It Might Be Over”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 January 2020 at 16.39

“No one will ever understand or comprehend how hard it’s been for the five of us to keep this thing running in 2019." - Sean Long.

2019 was a year of both dizzying heights and crushing lows for While She Sleeps - they were arguably the biggest they've ever been, but they also faced the reality of having frontman Loz Taylor step back off the road to deal with some personal issues. 

Inside the current issue of Rock Sound, we caught up with Loz and guitarist Sean Long about 2019 for While She Sleeps, and how they feel moving into 2020. Pick up a copy of the current issue of Rock Sound now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

“When you’re out on the road pretty much all year, and you’re subject to partying all the time, being around booze, alcohol, drugs? There’s no one there to really monitor that,” considered While She Sleeps frontman Loz Taylor.

“I think what happened was, I got too loose, too carefree, and reverted back to some old ways I had a few years back. I was drinking too much, hit a bit of a low, and the lads in the band were like, ‘You need to have a bit of time out. We’ll try and keep the show going’. There were some incidents that happened, and I just needed to have a few weeks to myself, cool down and re-evaluate where I was. My bandmates love me enough, and I think we’re friends enough, for them to say, ‘Look, you’re out of order here and you need to go and have some time’.”

He continued, “I respected that, I did that and now I’ve been able to address some of those issues, the alcoholism, and turn around to say, ‘Look, I’m still very much involved with this band and I’m not going anywhere’.”

While Loz headed back to the UK, the rest of Sleeps continued their European tour - sometimes performing with guest vocalists, sometimes without one at all. It was a time of charged emotions, but also highlighted the incredible support of their fans.

“No one will ever understand or comprehend how hard it’s been for the five of us to keep this thing running in 2019," shared While She Sleeps guitarist Sean Long. "There were points where we thought it might be over. And that’s really scary for us, because we don’t know how to do anything else. For me especially, if I’m not writing music and doing While She Sleeps? My life’s fucked. This band is so hardwired into who we are as people that it’s so important how we handle it all.”

He added, “But when you get knocked down, you get right back up.”

This is just a tiny taste - read our full interview with While She Sleeps inside the current issue of Rock Sound:



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