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Sam From Neck Deep’s Football Team Won A Cup Final

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 10 May 2019 at 14.28

"These are the chaaaaaaaaaaampions"

Playing guitar in one of the world's biggest pop-punk bands can keep you pretty busy.

But if you're Neck Deep's Sam Bowden, not too busy to win a cup final in your spare time.

He's been playing for Lincolnshire's Anglers FC Saxilby - who just beat FVA Jerusalem FC 6 - 4 to win the Kelly Read Trophy.

"Mad game. Extra time and we had 2 penalties," explains Sam.

Here's a taste of how it went down, at Lincoln's Sincil Bank ground.

Glory days.

Because we have a vague pretext, here are five Neck Deep songs we'd play to get pumped up before a cup final.

Tenuous? Sure. Still happening? Absolutely.





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