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Sad Summer Fest Is No Longer Taking Place This Year

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 May 2020 at 19.22

2021 is going to be incredible, isn't it?

Sad Summer Festival has announced that they are delaying this year's tour until next year. 

Though the full line-up from this year, featuring All Time Low, The Story So FarMovementsThe MaineYours TrulyGrayscale and Destroy Boys, will be returning next year. 

You can read a full statement from the festival below:

"Over the last few months, we have been closely monitoring the coronavirus pandemic, watching the evolution of the crisis, and it's effects on our lives. It became clear over recent weeks that we needed to seriously consider whether the festival should continue as planned. Now we must make the necessary decision to postpone Sad Summer Festival until Summer 2021. On an emotional level, this is very difficult for us, as we have invested our heart and soul in Sad Summer. However, the safety of even a single fan is not something we are willing to risk. 

Sad Summer started with just a few people, working together, spending countless hours to create something special that goes beyond the normal concert experience. We truly are a small samily. However, the reality of putting on a traveling festival requires a much bigger netwoek of people, all working in harmony. In each city, we have venue partners, promotors, ticketing companies, staging and crew, security, medical teams and more involved in putting on the show. Beyond those who are working, there is also an army of fans who support SSF simply by attending the show and making a memory. The weight of this decision all those who are affected goes beyond words. We truly thank you all for your patience while we navigated this unprecedented situation. 

The good news is that we now have a full year to invest every ounce of passion we have into making Sad Summer as special as possible. We need it as much as you do. we are incredibly happy to announce that the full line up from this year's festival will be back, top to bottom. All we ask of the fans is to keep your faith. 

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our rescheduled tour dates for 2021. All tickets already purchased will be honoured next year. We are working as quickly as possible to bring you the complete information. For those with tickets, we will be offering a lot of persk and benfits to thank you for your loyalty. Until then, there is a FAQ on our site to address all the questions we could think of. 

While postponing our tour certainly hurts, we must also step back to acknowledge that many in the world are facing more serious hardships. Out hearts are with those most affected by this tragedy. For our part, we will now focus on SSF 2021 as the light at the end of this tunnel. Our mission is to bring joy and celebration, even if it takes an extra year. We have never been more commited than we are now. 

Thanks again for your continued support and understanding."

You can find the FAQ here

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