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Ryan Ross Is Heading Out On Tour, But A Tour That’s A Prom

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 18 July 2019 at 13.53

Get out your prom dress!

Ryan Ross has thrown himself at many musical projects since departing Panic! At The Disco 10 years ago - but this marks the first time he's gone out on a proper, national tour in years.

Overnight, Ryan announced The Dead End Kids Club - a tour with recent collaborator Z-Berg, which puts the power largely in the hands of the fans. 

The tour is essentially going to be crowd-funded, and fans are invited to pre-register to buy tickets and VIP bundles for their hometown - and if they sell at least $2500 worth of tickets in a city, they'll make an appearance there.

The first 15 cities in North America to reach the $2500 threshold will be playing host to Ryan Ross, and The Dead Kids Club!

But this isn't a normal tour - it's a prom of sorts. They describe it as "prom night the way it is in movies. It's a rascal caravan. It's a wandering waltz. It’s an American Medicine Show. It’s a traveling circus. It’s an interactive, immersive musical experience that is not just walking into a venue and seeing a couple of bands play their songs the way they’ve played them thousands of times before. It’s a live wire. It’s walking into a party thrown by your favorite musicians who also happen to be best friends and experiencing their world the way you would if you lived in it full time."

Check out all the details, and pre-register for your city here.

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