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Rock Sound Needs YOU To Interview Taking Back Sunday

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 20 February 2014 at 14.17

Five men, five fans, ONE HELL OF A TIME.

What are you doing on Wednesday, February 26th? Want to meet Taking Back Sunday in London and do the ole interview thing? Thought so, read on...

When TBS headline KOKO in London that day, Rock Sound will be sitting down with the band and we want you to do the talking. We need five fans who are up for this challenge, all participants get their mugs in the magazine AND the chance to ask the band whatever questions they choose, in person.

Sound like your kind of deal? Here are the ground rules...

1. You have to make your own way to / from the venue for the interview. We'll be punting our way to the show on a purple spotted gondola, we might be a few minutes late.

2. We can't provide tickets to the show as part of this feature. Never have, never will, please stop emailing us about it.

3. Your picture will need to be taken as part of the interview. Your fashion choices that day will have eternal consequences.

4. Your friends are not allowed in to meet the band with you. If you're not taking part in the feature, you're not coming in. If you want to get involved then APPLY TO DO SO! We say this for a reason. Are you bored of reading it yet? You should be? You're not? It'll be rule 4 F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And ever. And ever. And ever.

5. Vocalist Adam Lazzara's hair has magical/deadly properties. Stroke his silky locks and you turn into a fluffy possum. Seriously, we've lost some good people to that cut.

6. Please note that this interview is happening in London (time TBC as always). LAAAHHHHNNNNNDDDDDAAAAANNNNNN.

7. Dress up as a panda and the whole band will do kung fu with you.

8. Bring sweets, it always lifts the mood.

9. Bassist Shaun Cooper has been kidnapped by aliens...long story, very awkward. The person you'll be interviewing Wednesday is a shapeshifting replicant from a distant galaxy, just an FYI.

Fancy getting involved? Simply email [email protected] with your name, age, contact telephone number (THIS IS IMPORTANT!), the town / city you live in and a short paragraph on why you should be selected to be part of this very special interview. Successful applicants will be notified next week!

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