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Rock Sound Needs YOU To Interview Attila. Are You Up For It?

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 27 February 2015 at 14.11

Fronz and friends will be steamrolling into the capital next Friday, and we need five Attila fans to ask them some questions.

On Friday, March 06 at 4pm (ish), we'll be pinning down the dudes in Attila at London's Electric Ballroom for a proper grilling. The only thing is... we don't want to do any work (we've just about run out of things to ask Fronz anyway).

Instead, we want five Rock Sound readers to put on the their journalist hats / game faces and ask the questions. Why? Come on now, we do this with a different band every month, are you not paying attention?

Interested? Then keep reading. The five readers chosen will get to put their questions to the band and have their faces in a future issue of Rock Sound magazine.

Right, here dem rulez:

1. You will need to make your own way to and from the venue for the interview. We'll be arriving in our tricked-out Rascal, and there just isn't any room for you. More to the point, we can't get the damn thing started right now. Bloody nightmare, that thing.

2. We can't provide tickets to their show that night as part of the feature. Never can, never will. Sorry.

3. Your picture will need to be taken as part of the interview. Wear something you feel comfortable in and please, please smile when we say cheese. If you're not particularly comfortable with the idea of your picture going in the magazine (or on the website for that matter), then it's probably best not to enter.

4. Your friends are not allowed in to meet the band with you. If you're not taking part in the feature, you're not coming in. THIS RULE WILL NEVER CHANGE. If you want to get involved then APPLY TO DO SO!

5. Fronz likes a good Capri-Sun. He even made a video about it once. If you bring him one, he might teach you the turn-up method in person.

6. This interview is happening in London, England. We'll send successful applicants FULL details on Thursday, but we can confirm it won't be in London, Ontario. Or Birmingham. Or anywhere else that isn't where it is. COME ON, NOW.

7. Don't be scared. Fronz is actually Really Quite Nice. Honestly. 

Fancy getting involved? Simply email [email protected] with your name, age, contact telephone number (THIS IS VITAL!), the town / city you live in and a short paragraph on why you should be selected to be part of this very special interview before midday Tuesday, March 03.

If you don't get selected, you can still catch Attila on the road throughout the UK over the next week or so. Go on. 

27 - NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
28 - MANCHESTER Club Academy

01 - GLASGOW Garage
02 - NEWCASTLE Think Tank
03 - LEEDS University
04 - BIRMINGHAM Asylum
05 - SOUTHAMPTON Talking Heads
06 - LONDON Electric Ballroom
07 - BRISTOL Fleece


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