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Rock Sound @ Guilfest 2009

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 3 July 2009 at 14.21

Rock Sound talks to You Me At Six and The King Blues as the RS sponsored Guilfest 2009 draws near!

Rock Sound is again hosting its own stage – the Rock Sound Cave – at this year’s Guilfest, taking place over the weekend of July 10, 11 and 12. With a killer line-up that includes the likes of Kylesa, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Twin Atlantic, We Are The Ocean, Attack! Attack! and Swound!, among many others, it’s once again shaping up to be the ultimate festival experience!

We grabbed guitarist Max Heyler and singer Itch – of headliners You Me At Six and The King Blues respectively – for a quick chinwag ahead of the much-anticipated event.

“I always thought it was a really small festival, but then I looked at who was playing, and it’s massive,” said Max. “Guildford’s definitely one of our home towns where we used to play so many shows, so it’s going to be wicked to go back there and play Guilfest and see what the reaction’s going to be like from our home town, and what they think of us now.”

“We’re incredibly excited; I went to Guilfest when I was really young, and I saw the last ever Carter USM gig there [prior to recent reunions], and I saw The Levellers play and I was like, ‘This is just amazing!’,” added Itch. “We did the Rock Sound Cave a couple of years ago, and that was just such a cool show… We were walking round and there was a nice vibe, there were families and stuff, and then we got to the Rock Sound Cave and all the kids were dressed in black and it was all the freaks hanging out there. It was cool, we were like, ‘Yeah, we’ve found our place! We’re at home!’ To headline the Rock Sound Cave this year will be wicked.”

For the latest line-up news go to, get tickets to the bash by clicking here and stay tuned to Rock Sound TV for interviews from the site!

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