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Rock Is Now The Second Most Popular Genre In The US

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 19 July 2017 at 15.51


According to a new study, rock is now the second most popular genre in the USA.

In Nielsen's Mid-Year Report, the marketing research organisation found that R&B and hip-hop have taken over the top spot - for the first time.

They say that R&B and hip-hop now account for for 25.1 percent of all music consumption in the US, while rock makes up 23 percent.

Rock still claims the majority of album sales at around 40 percent, but an increase in people streaming music and a decrease in overall albums sold has changed the wider picture.

Actually, R&B and hip-hop music gets almost almost as many streams as rock and pop combined.

Still, there's plenty of room for everybody - and it doesn't have to be an either/or situation...


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