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ROAM Have Announced That They Are Breaking Up

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 June 2022 at 18.40

2012 - Forever

have just announced that they are breaking up.

They were a band for a whole decade, kicking off in 2012 with their 'No Common Ground' EP. They went on to release two other EPs in 'Head Down' and 'Viewpoint' and three full-lengths, with the last being 2019's 'Smile Wide'.

But fret not, there will be a chance to say goodbye, as the band revealed in a statement that there are some final shows booked and ready to be announced. 

Here is that statement in full:

"We want to keep this short because these things can easily get emotional, and we have nothing but love for the last 10 years.

We started ROAM at 18, and never imagined it would take us to the places it took us, or we’d meet the people we met. Thank you for being by our side through all our successes and multiple failures.

We’re now in a place where creatively & in life, we’re ready to move on to something new. For some of us, that might be new musical projects, for others, it’s just having the time to be home & grow outside of music.

Finals shows are booked and will be announced shortly. We wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thank you for giving us an unbelievable early 20s.

Alex, Alex, Matt, Sam & Miles

ROAM 2012 - Forever"



And here's a classic, for old times sake:

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